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Diamonds Marquez Necklace from HHL Brand 

Necklace details:

-White Diamonds weight,  31.41 Ct. 

-Clarity:VS , Colour:F-G , Cut: Good-very Good.

-17 pear shaped cut diamonds:4.12 ct , size from 7.25x5.00x3.40mm(depth est) to 3.90x2.50x1.50mm approximate.

-98 Marquise shaped cut diamonds 13.95ct , size from 6.30x3.55x2.15mm(depth est) to 3.80x2.25x1.35mm. approximate.

-25 Princess shaped cut diamonds 2.69ct, size from 3.20x3.20x2.50mm(depth est) to2.50x2.50x1.40mm approximate.

-136 Round brilliant shaped cut diamonds 10.65 ct , size from 4.10x4.10x2.72 mm (depth est) to 2.50x2.50x1.55 mm approximate.

-Standard necklace size is 40 cm. 

Marquez Necklace

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