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Sakerson Jewelery


Saker’s family has been a major jewelry maker in Syria since the 1870’s. The great-grandfather of Karim Saker (Owner ) learnt jewelry 
manufacturing in the oldest inhabitant city in the world Aleppo and later on continued his education in Damascus. Around 1900, it was inherited to my grandfather that  moved to Argentine and continued the practice there until they went back to Syria and taught their children until 1940. The family’s admiration to this practice has led them to teach their children. Saker was the sole family in the town of Salamiyah in Syria that manufacture and sell jewelry.  
Karim Saker: 25+ years of experience in fine jewelry making and trading and holds the certificate of achievement design with Rhino and Rhino Gold program (Basic-Intermediat-Advaced 1,2,3-Free form).


He held many positions :

1-Senior skilled jewelry craftsman 2017 to 2020 Myerson’s Ltd
Toronto, Canada .

2-General Manager   2012 –  2017 Lmar Jeweler 
Dubai, UAE.

3-Supervisor         2007 – 2011 Carla Atala Jewlery
Dubai, UAE.

4-Supervisor           2002 – 2006 Saker Jewelry
Salamiyah, Syria.

5-Jewelry-Making Apprentice       1999 – 2002 La Girafe
Beirut, Lebanon.

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