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Re designing an old jewelry by adding some details , stone… 

⇨ Ring resizing, and engagement ring alterations

⇨ Replace and repair prongs on gold or diamond rings  Claw or Prong Re-tipping

⇨ Bracelet repair and resizing


SOLDERING broken jewelry pieces  (laser soldering )

⇨ Remake yellow gold rings into white gold and platinum jewelry 

⇨  lengthen and shorten tennis bracelets or gold bangles

⇨ Convert gemstone or diamond rings into pendants or earrings

Jewelry And Watch Repair 

+ 25 years of experience in fine jewelry making and repairing ……

Every piece of highly valued and loved jewelry will require some attention from a goldsmith during its lifetime. 


It's important that your jewellery be properly serviced and it’s our pleasure to help 

with all of your jewellery servicing needs.


Professionally repaire in a timely fashion.  

From simple ring sizing to re-building or restoration; rest assured that, our highly skilled repair specialists are able to fix any issue.

Diamond or Stone Replacement: If your gemstone has gone missing we can match or replace it with the exact quality of the original. 

⇨ Change earrings from clip on to posts

⇨ Replace necklace clasps to make them more secure

⇨ Shorten chains

⇨ Watch battery and  strap replacement 

⇨ Polishing & Plating 

⇨ Rhodium coating on white gold jewellery


New Shanks 

The  shank (the bottom half of the ring) also takes a lot of wear. Over time, the shank of a ring can become thin and the ring itself can take on an oval shape due to the lack of strength left in the worn gold shank. In many cases, the effect of the changes  shape also leads to stone loss because the claws and prongs are pulled apart as the ring changes shape. also we can create not only a new shank but also a hing with a security clasp for the customers who have a finger disease or bulge on their finger joint  and that’s prevent them from wearing their wedding ring .

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